Kindergarten 5 - 6 years old

For autonomous independent children, who love to learn and develop

Kindergarten 5-6 years old
Global and comprehensive development

Global and comprehensive development

Preschool education lays the foundations for the comprehensive development of children and their subsequent attitude towards learning and the environment around them.

Our program is scientifically designed to - not only further develop their language, arithmetic, mathematics and visual skills and abilities - but to create the most appropriate conditions for the global and all-round development of children - physically , emotionally, mentally and socially.

Project Method: Children learn experientially

In Rodokipos, the learning process is applied with the innovative Project method. The topics are approached interdisciplinary by combining learning areas and are selected based on the data of modern society and the interest of children.

Children are actively involved in approaching issues. They participate, collaborate, exchange views, express their ideas, perform experiments, while the development of topics is enriched with a variety of activities, experiential games and excursions. Thus, children learn through action and the acquisition of experiences, while remaining happy, with a lively interest and a positive attitude every day.

Project Method: Children learn experientially
Environment. Sustainability. Humanism.

Environment. Sustainability. Humanism.

Issues related to the environment, sustainability and humanity help young children to develop the necessary environmental, ecological and social awareness. For this reason, these issues have a prominent place in our Rodokipos.

With love, specialized knowledge and special care for each child, we create a very positive environment for the development of balanced and happy children, with confidence, mental strength, motivation to strive, and high emotional and social intelligence.

  • Environment
  • Sustainable development
  • Democracy
  • Human rights
  • Diversity
  • Connect play and learning
  • Social consciousness
  • Emotion management
  • Cultivate critical thinking
  • School readiness
I play. Act. Take part. Try. Cooperate. I'm learning. Evolve. With my kindergarten teacher and my friends .

Our Rodoulis operates autonomously.

She loves to learn and to evolve. Do you want to know how?


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